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025 LROur big event for the year is a PJammin event. Each year, thousands of pediatric cancer patients in America spend time in the hospital in their “PJ’s” as they undergo treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. These children depend on their friends and family for physical, emotional and financial support, we can help by raising money with a PJammin event. Since this is our biggest fundraiser of the year we will spend all year planning. Ideas for the event include but are surely not limited to:

  • PJ gala
  • PJ palooza with live music
  • PJ sporting event with a team entry
  • PJ class day
  • PJ fashion show
  • PJ pancake breakfast
  • PJ 5k
  • and of course everyone would wear their PJ’s!!

213 LROther activities that will be going on throughout the year include:

  • Directing families to pertinent information and resources
  • Financial assistance through fundraising
  • Survivor events
  • Gift bags for newly diagnosed patients
  • Networking for patients and families
  • Fundraising for the Ross Maxwell Memorial Scholarship to be offered at Texas
  • A&M University.
  • Hospital Trips
  • Family Fun Day/BBQ
  • Social Events

If you are looking for an organization to get involved with, this is an opportunity to gain some invaluable personal and leadership skills. Contact Us to find out how to get involved with ACCO-TAMU.